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Danke Email Liebesmagie

Hallo Pavol und Marion,
ich wollte mich bei euch nochmal bedanken. und wünsche euch ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und alles gute für das Jahr 2015. Ich bin immer noch mit meiner Frau zusammen und sie ist jetzt auch schwanger geworden Happy Happy Danke! Ivan

Liebesmagie USA

Hello everyone
WOW I am now convinced that you all are real professionals not actors. I am saying this because of my previous experiences with magick in general
what ever you are doing to help me is very strong and powerful, after performing the ritual with the 2 green and 1 red candles, I went to sleep and during my sleep I had an out of body experience finding my self in a vortex of flashing energy it was a mixture of grey, dark green and brown light it was like a storm even more like I was turning Inside of a tornado or falling inside a storm never touching the ground. I am very impressed continue the excellent work and thank you for your patience.